Achieving Hazardous Materials Compliance in University Laboratories

Universities are constantly evolving and growing. One area that is currently realizing rapid change and growth is university research laboratories. These lab spaces are often planned and constructed for a specific professor or even for a specific research project. Growth and change of lab spaces is so rapid that labs are being introduced into all … read more

AC/DC and Back: For Things About to Rock, We Condition

For Things About to Rock… In a perfect world, whenever any device is powered on, it would receive ideal power free from distortions and interruptions caused by harmonics or other factors. Unfortunately, the world we live in is not ideal and power quality issues can plague any facility, either constantly or periodically. The … read more

When is Electric Shock Protection Required and When Should Isolation Power be Utilized?

Patient and personnel safety is critical in the design of operating rooms and other procedure rooms within hospitals and healthcare applications, especially when considering the electrical systems to be installed within these areas. Utilizing isolated power systems and ground fault protection are key design features to protect patients and personnel by mitigating shock hazards within … read more

Harmonics: Understanding a Goblin in Your Electrical System

Many of the potential readers of this blog may have heard the term “harmonics” frequently enough to know it relates to VFDs, but that is possibly where their understanding may end. If you are experiencing mysterious issues (motors experiencing unusually high wear and tear, medical imaging scans with unusually low resolution, a very low power … read more

Encouraging an Ownership Mindset

Ownership Mindset

Fitzemeyer & Tocci has created a new benefit for key personal to encourage an ownership mindset.  We wanted to create an atmosphere where employees feel engaged in the company and not just completing work assignments.  This benefit rewards employees for creation of long-term company value, enhances employee culture, and creates meaningful long-term wealth accumulation opportunities. … read more

Integrated Ceiling Systems for Operating Rooms

integrated ceiling

The design of a hospital operating room is extremely important in providing patients with safe, clean healthcare. Developing sterile air fields in an operating room shortens patient recovery time as well as reducing the likeliness for infection. When designing an operating room, it can be difficult to coordinate between architects, engineers, and contractors. Coordination issues can … read more

Using Building Information Modeling to Control Lifecycle Costs

Building information modeling, or BIM, is a sophisticated technology that enables teams to design and manage projects, as well as operate across disciplines using graphic representations. When incorporated as part of the design and construction processes, BIM enables coordination and seamless communication between the owner, design team, and contractors. Once construction is complete, detailed information … read more