Fire Protection & Plumbing Engineering

Fire protection and plumbing systems provide essential services for building operations and safety. You need a team that specializes in providing effective, workable, and reliable designs for your facility and building projects.

For fire projection systems, you need a team that understands how to design systems that contains the fire, protects the building, ensures occupants have time to leave, and provides time for firefighters to get in.

Our fire protection services include:

  • Alarm and detection system design
  • Fire suppression systems (water, clean agent, foam, or dry chemical)
  • Fire suppression and detection master planning
  • Water supply analysis
  • Special hazards analysis
  • Life safety systems
  • Code analysis and consultation

For plumbing projects, you need a team that understands how plumbing integrates with critical life safety systems and is focused on reliability, sustainability and water conservation, such as using reclaimed water or harvesting rainwater.

Our plumbing services include:

  • Water systems design and implementation
  • Water consumption analysis
  • Waste system design and implementation
  • Storm and draining systems
  • Fuel gas piping systems
  • Lab grade water systems
  • Medical gas and vacuum systems
  • Processing systems for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies

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