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ABX | IWBC Virtual Experience

Join Fitzemeyer & Tocci at the ABX | IWBC Virtual Experience on December 2-3!

F&T has two on-demand sessions you can attend and would love to see you there!

Ben Davenny, PE, INCE Board Certified, EDAC - Acentech

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain what telemedicine is and how it is used in clinical settings.

  • Identify the requirements to achieve optimal acoustic and visual conditions in a telemedicine setting.

  • Develop reliable electrical and cooling system infrastructure for telemedicine facilities.

  • Give examples of the environmental and societal benefits of telemedicine.

Building Codes and the Future of Architectural Practice

A. Vernon Woodworth, III, FAIA

Learning Objectives:

Learn more about the ABX Virtual Experience here.


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