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Achieving a Sustainable Workforce with Sustainable Design

Due to severe staffing challenges in today’s current market, many institutional building operational groups have less people and less in-house skills to operate existing infrastructure. Combined with the ever-increasing complexity of building infrastructure systems, many building operational groups are being set up to fail.

Achieving a Sustainable Workforce

To help alleviate these challenges, designing for building operational sustainability beyond what is required from certifications, such as LEED, is crucial. Furthermore, in addition to addressing staffing needs, many building sustainability focused items prove to be cost-effective and financially advantageous when conducting a life-cycle cost analysis. Sustainably designed or upgraded infrastructure can reduce the operational personnel needed for maintaining optimal system performance, identifying operational issues, and performing maintenance.

This guide provides insights, strategies, and examples of how sustainable infrastructure upgrade, recommissioning, and other improvements can reduce the personnel load of facility operational groups.

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