Congrats Antonio Johnson: August F&T People's Cup Winner

Congratulations to Antonio Johnson for winning F&T's August People's Cup award!

As Electrical Project Engineer, Antonio consistently displays our core values of respectful, resourceful, and reliable. When meeting with Antonio, he always arrives early, immediately demonstrating that the other people’s time is respected.

Antonio is trusted by his team to always keep the owner in mind. Upon making him aware of owner preferences and sensitivities, conversations and solutions Antonio takes part in are always conscious of the owner's goals and needs.

If ever a conflict or quick turnaround occurs, Antonio maintains professionalism and quickly gets the job done. He leverages resources within F&T as well as outside vendors to quickly address scope aspects outside of the norm. He is quick to ask questions on items he may not be experienced in and retains information discussed for future use. When project directions change and infrastructure cannot support the originally intended direction he is able to think outside of the box and come up with alternative solutions to take advantage of infrastructure that is available.

Antonio meets deadlines he commits to and is always willing to wait for a final review of finished documents to ensure project documents are as accurate and specific as possible.

Congratulations, Antonio!