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Employee Promotions – Associates

Cameron Bellao, Sr. Associate

Cameron Bellao, Lead Electrical Project Engineer, has been promoted to Senior Associate at Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc. Cameron continues to monitor all aspects of a project’s progress, ensuring timely and cost effective completion.

Thomas Tsaros, Sr. Associate

Thomas Tsaros, Energy & Infrastructure Market Leader, has been promoted to Senior Associate. With over 20 years of experience in energy management, Tom continues to lead clients’ building infrastructure improvements, while reducing energy costs and maximizing sustainability.

Matthew Merli, Sr. Associate

Matthew Merli, Project Manager at Fitzemeyer and Tocci, has been promoted to Senior Associate. Matt continues to lead’s F&T’s project management efforts for many of New England’s top higher education institutions, specializing in the design of laboratory and research facilities.

Jason Butler, Associate Principal

Jason Butler, Associate and Senior Project Manager, has been promoted to Associate Principal at Fitzemeyer and Tocci. Jason’s supports many of the F&T’s highly-complex healthcare design projects while continually acting as an internal and external technical leader for the firm.

Cathleen Jamieson, Associate Principal

Cathleen Jamieson, Controller has been promoted to Vice President of Finance & Administration. Cathleen continues to lead F&T’s high-impact management support functions, including finance, HR, marketing and IT. She contributes to our mission through relentless pursuit of excellence.

Steve Picariello, Associate & Chris Wysoczanski, Associate

Fitzemeyer & Tocci is pleased to announce the promotion of Mechanical Project Engineer, Chris Wysoczanski and Mechanical Project Engineer, Steve Picariello to Associate. Both are technical leaders within their discipline and key contributors to the successful delivery of the firm’s projects.


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