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Owen’s Co-Op Experience at F&T

F&T’s co-op program introduces students to the MEP/FP consulting industry. We provide students with an opportunity to learn about our industry and gain relevant experience. Our Co-Ops are challenged with a “real world” experience to prepare them for post-graduate employment.

Owen is a Mechanical Engineering student at Wentworth Institute of Technology, expected to graduate with the class of 2024. Below is his experience in his position as HVAC Co-Op.

What is your favorite part about your co-op?

My favorite part about the co-op experience at F&T is the small company culture and environment I am surrounded by. Being able to know most of the employees in the office is very helpful in building relationships and having access to multiple resources. In addition, working with a small team allows for every question I have to be a great learning opportunity.

What were you looking for in a co-op opportunity?

When applying for co-op positions, I wanted to be somewhere where I could learn the most about the field of engineering, I would be working in. At F&T I am offered many opportunities to learn about MEP engineering, whether it is through L&L (Lunch and Learns) or just by asking questions to my team members. Learning a new skill is also something that I was looking for in a co-op opportunity, and I can learn how to use Revit to design HVAC systems here. Prior to this co-op, I had no experience in MEP design or working in an office space, but now I can say that I have an understanding of both MEP design and working in an office setting.

What helped you be successful?

The main reason for my success here at F&T is the fact that I am not afraid to ask questions when I don’t know the answer or solution to a problem. A good rule that my mentors taught me is the 10-minute rule, which is if you can’t figure out the solution to some problem in 10 minutes by yourself to ask someone else. In addition, I am very resourceful which helped me learn about the coordination that goes on between the different trades in MEP engineering such as plumbing, electrical, and fire protection.

Do you feel prepared to pursue a full-time position?

After 3 months at F&T, I have gained the knowledge and ability to be successful in a full-time position. I feel that I am more prepared for a full-time position than most college students who don’t have the chance to complete a co-op experience. The structure of the co-op program at F&T is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a co-op opportunity in MEP engineering.

Written by:

Owen Jacinto

HVAC Co-op

Mechanical Engineering student at Wentworth Institute of Technology,

Class of 2024


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