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Commissioning Services

When you need to understand and optimize your building’s performance, commissioning brings everything into focus. Fitzemeyer & Tocci offers commissioning services that provide the critical information needed to address efficiency issues, cut costs and improve system performance.  Fitzemeyer and Tocci’s commissioning group was established in response to client requests for the firm’s engineering support on projects where F&T was not the design engineer of record. As true owner’s engineers, the fit to provide additional owner representation in an MEP capacity was a natural fit.


Our team has provided commissioning services on a wide array of projects direct to owner as a third party. We have also routinely provide commissioning services to owners on projects designed by Fitzemeyer & Tocci. This type of relationship is a testament to the trust and expertise that owners expect and receive from all F&T projects.


Commissioning from the front seat.

Commissioning is occasionally looked at as a “checkbox” process that becomes nothing more than a line item on a Gantt chart. Being a contributing member of the construction group rather than a keeper of checklists enables our commissioning team to become an asset to all members of the construction team.


The commissioning group works to:

  • Identify and prevent costly change orders

  • Ensure strict adherence to design intent

  • Minimize operational costs through ensuring equipment efficiency

  • Proactively identify issues before they become critical

  • Provide solutions to all non-conformance items

  • Drive the closeout process

  • Assist in the enforcement of warranty claim

What’s wrong and how do I fix it?

Whether you have an idea of what systems are may be causing poor indoor air quality or poor energy efficiency, or you have no idea where to start, our team is here to provide you direction on how to bring your facility back within expected performance. Our retro-commissioning process is catered to your specific systems and needs; typically we provide functional testing of your existing equipment, development of a recommendations matrix to use as an RFP basis for services to rectify issues, and follow-on engineering to design/construct the recommended repairs and upgrades.

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