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60+ years of


 Beyond Technical Excellence

Fitzemeyer & Tocci (F&T) is a leading engineering and construction management firm that specializes in designing and building complex facilities for healthcare, academic, research, and science and technology institutions. Several of the biggest names in healthcare and health sciences rely on our services. F&T is the “Owner’s Engineer”, providing innovative, practical engineering and construction leadership since 1961. Clients hire us because we’re exceptional at what we do – engineer facilities that promote wellness and keep occupants safe. While the technical and regulatory requirements in these environments are steep, we’ve developed processes that make us fast and efficient. We help our clients understand how their facilities stack up against others in the industry, our proprietary benchmarking tool provides critical insights during critical decision making stages of a project. At F&T, our priorities are the same as yours: keep patients, staff and students safe.


From inception, F&T was ingrained with the perspective of an “Owner’s Engineer” and was designed to bring Engineering Leadership to an institutional owner’s goals and needs. Concepts like energy efficiency, maintainability and reliability were combined with a thoughtful practical understanding of an Owner’s budget in order to produce optimized design solutions.

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We embrace each team member’s unique talents and honor diverse life and work styles. We are honest and ethical while interacting with an open mind focused on the success of others - our fellow employees, clients, vendors, and the public.


We work with enthusiasm and intellect, and are driven by a culture of continuous improvement to surpass what has already been achieved. Each of us takes responsibility for developing solutions to the challenges we and our clients face


We make clear requests of each other and we are dependable in our commitments. We are a trusted resource to our clients and peers, known to deliver high-quality, consistent engineering.

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