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Life Safety & Code Consulting

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to navigate the important and complex regulatory requirements for fire protection and life safety in a building. The issues are the result of the misunderstandings by owners and design professionals alike and can result in either unsafe buildings, large fire loss, or, more commonly, in the overdesign of fire protection systems and features. Overdesign leads to increased initial and ongoing maintenance costs. At Fitzemeyer & Tocci, our fire protection engineers are experts in overall building fire protection & life safety requirements and systems.  Our team will ensure that regulatory requirements are met by innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Our Value Proposition. 

Fitzemeyer & Tocci’s  Life Safety Engineering team works seamlessly with building owners, architects, and contractors to develop safe, cost-effective, and code-compliant buildings. F&T engineers have a thorough understanding of building fire protection, are licensed fire protection engineers, and have advanced degrees in fire protection engineering. We strive to ensure building fire protection systems are fully-integrated and are designed in a cost-effective and minimally intrusive manner. When encountering complex code situations, our engineers interface with the owner, architect, and local authorities to develop performance-based compliance strategies to meet the intent of the code and address challenges specific to the project. 

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