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Construction Admin

Professional Commissioning Services For New Buildings

The team at Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc. is well versed and experienced in constructing a number of different types of buildings and designs. We understand that certain buildings require special care and design. For this reason we specialize in hospital, technology, and college design. We understand that hospitals are an intricate part of the world we live in, and the design often has several delicate and complicated features including power generators and life safety systems. Technology and science related buildings have extreme needs ranging from increased ventilation systems to expansive testing and laboratory rooms. College design and academic buildings also require a range of special design considerations including a mix of open space for gathering, dedicated classroom environments, and traditional residential features such as dormitories and kitchens. These large scale spaces must be able to accommodate hundreds, if not thousands of people, and often require very specific design considerations that are able to handle the plumbing and electrical load required.
Before opening a new building, particularly a hospital, it is important to go through a commissioning process. When a building is commissioned, it is basically a trial run to ensure that all the systems inside the building are working together and are functioning as they were designed. For a hospital that houses delicate machinery, this could mean the difference between life and death for a patient. Ensuring that emergency generators turn on when needed to power life saving machinery is vital. Hiring commissioning services provided by Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc. is the perfect way to make sure that all the systems work as intended. Plus, the advantage of using a professional commissioning service is that the needed engineers and professionals will be onsite should a problem arise. This means they will be able to troubleshoot and repair any situations that may arise during the commissioning process in a timely and efficient manner.
Designing any building or project, large or small, is a huge undertaking. There are several working pieces that must come together from several fronts. Not only do the professionals have to work together, including engineers, builders, and architects, but the various trades and workers must come together to create a cohesive building. Plus, add in the complication of working with various vendors and building owners, and very soon you have a full time job just managing the various timelines and jobs that must be completed. Construction admin services are available through Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc. that can help streamline this process. A construction admin can help keep schedules in check and ensure that various disciplines and trades are working together as a team to create a final product.

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