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Electrical Engineering 

Understanding Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical engineering is a field that encompasses several disciplines and specialties. An electrical engineer deals with power and electricity. He or she focuses on the systems that control electricity, and will often create the most efficient route to get power from one system to another. Electrical engineering can cover everything from getting power into a building or structure, to developing alternative power sources for eco-friendly building design. When creating LEED certified buildings, electrical engineering is particularly important to make sure the least amount of energy is being consumed from traditional power sources. Electrical engineering also focuses on the computer systems and communication devices throughout a building. This can include life safety systems such as security and fire alarms.
These engineers will be used through all aspects of building and constructions. At the very beginning of the planning phase for a new building, electrical engineers will be brought in to develop the most efficient and effective power routing systems to the building. This can be anything from creating a system for lighting, to ensuring life saving medical devices receive emergency power, even when conventional power sources are cut. Electrical engineers are needed when remodeling a building too. They can often look at current power usage throughout a space and determine if various upgrades and installations can help improve power efficiency. The team at Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc. has several electrical engineers who are passionate about providing the best power solutions to your next construction project.

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