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Energy & Infrastructure Services

Energy Efficiency Solutions with Engineering

Any building, large or small, consumes a great deal of energy. Simply keeping a building running can cost a small fortune in utility bills. Consider a building that must have lighting, plumbing, and basic heating and cooling at a minimum. Now consider an office building or hospital that must run heavy equipment or computers draining even more power. Not only is this expensive, but it can be wasteful when using traditional power sources. The team at Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc. is proud to offer energy & infrastructure services to examine a building's current energy load. The energy & infrastructure services are geared toward pinpointing excessive power usage, and formulating a plan to help reduce the amount of energy load coming from the building. With the use of innovative designs, the engineering team at Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc. can help create a more energy efficient design for your building.
If you are constructing a new building, energy efficiency should be at the top of your priority list. Not only is this a great way to be eco-friendly, but it can help save valuable money for building owners and operators. Energy efficiency can include anything from saving water, to reducing the amount of power consumed. There are many options to create a more energy efficient building. On the extreme end of things, building owners are electing to implement alternative power sources including wind and solar power in their construction designs. Building owners with smaller energy efficiency goals are simply converting to LED lighting throughout the space to help save on costly electricity. Designing a new building from scratch also gives architects and engineers the power to situate and position a building on the lot to take advantage of natural location to allow for natural sunlight to illuminate, heat, or cool a space.

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