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5 Tips & Tricks for Deltek Vision Administrators

  1. Custom Info Centers

  1. Help Buttons

If your company has processes or standards in place for managing leads or projects, but employees are having a hard time remembering the steps or parameters, the Help Buttons are a great feature to record instructions or guidelines. For example, a firm may have a specific definition of what Project status means (Active, Dormant, Inactive).  Next to the Status field, you could insert a Help Button, using the Designer screen.  When a user hovers over the Help Button, the firm’s definitions of Project Status will appear.

  1. Hide Document Map

When generating reports, Deltek automatically includes a Document Map. If exporting to Excel, this creates a tab in the excel worksheet that holds hyperlinks to each project.  While this can be beneficial for a Project Manager that wants to drill down on a specific project, Executive or Finance level users often just want to see the subtotals and final totals.  To remove the document map from the report, click the Hide Document Map checkbox on the Sorting/Grouping tab of the Reporting Options.

  1. Deltek T&E App 

  1. List View – Export to Excel 

Deltek reports have a lot of useful data, but when exporting them to excel, often the spreadsheet needs to be stripped down (unmerge cells and unwrap text) to be able to manipulate the data. Within each info center there is an option to view a selection group in List View.  In the Info Center, use the Advanced Search to find the group of Projects (for example) you would like to report on and Select All.  On the main toolbar, click List View.  Next, you can select the columns you want to include, and then Export to Excel, by clicking on the Projects button (under the main toolbar).  Reviewing project data this way will eliminate the need to format the spreadsheet after exporting.

Dedicating time to understand and improve your ERP system can have a positive effect on your firm. This can range from financial benefits to employee satisfaction.  The features listed above represent a small sample of the useful components within Deltek Vision.  There are many more.  Help is available through local user groups, webinars, consultants, and forums.


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