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Congrats Aaron Valentine, F&T's People Cup Winner!

Congrats to Aaron Valentine, EIT, for being nominated for People's Cup this month!

Each day, Aaron represents F&T's core values of respectful, resourceful, and reliable. As Mechanical Project Engineer, he has been at F&T for over 6 years.


Aaron has shown respect in many ways over the years he has been with F&T. He is aware of people’s time and does his best to be efficient, whether it is asking a quick question, reviewing designs with team members or being punctual to site visits and client meetings. He is responsive to questions and issues both internally and externally and will prioritize requests. Aaron is cognizant of owner needs and standards and ensures any questions or concerns the clients have get included in all documentation.


Aaron’s primary design trade is HVAC but he has an abundance of experience designing fire protection and plumbing systems. Aaron is a versatile engineer with a wealth of knowledge for mechanical systems. He is dependable in situations where he is needed to respond, help and support plumbing designs.


Clients like to see that an engineer is responsive, decisive and concise. During construction, issues tend to surface and this is when the owner depends on engineers to keep construction moving and keep the contractors on task. Aaron has shown, time and time again that he can take the lead with providing feedback to the owner and construction team when these issues arise. He provides quick responses with concise direction to the team in a timely manner. Aaron takes initiative and checks in with the PM and does everything that he can to keep deliverables on track. In many instances Aaron has been relied upon to investigate plumbing and fire protection systems during site visits. During these visits, Aaron takes impeccable notes and provides feedback to the team with a clear and detailed understanding of the systems he has surveyed.

Congratulations, Aaron!


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