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Congratulations Richard Barbera, F&T's October People Cup Winner!

Congratulations to Richard Barbera, F&T’s October People’s Cup Winner! As Plumbing Department Manager, Rich upholds our core values of respectful, resource, and reliable each day. Rich supports and directs his team, while quickly mediating any situation that may arise.

Rich’s team can rely on him to help find the best solutions based on his large database of knowledge and experts, while teaching and guiding them along the way. Whenever a project or situation that requires additional support or specialization, he always knows who to go to for more information and answers.

With 30+ years of experience as a plumbing engineer, Rich is a strong resource to his team and can provide his expertise to the most difficult situations. He is always available to guide his group through project deadlines, answer questions and lend a hand. While an expert in his field who takes his job and client needs very seriously, his team can also count on him to bring humor and laughs to their days.

Congratulations, Rich!


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