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F&T speaks at Merrimack College’s Professional Development Retreat

Cam Bellao, PE of Fitzemeyer & Tocci recently supported a panel presentation for his alma mater, Merrimack College. Held at the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center in Boston, the Career Development Retreat is in support of the College’s career development initiative for select upper class students. Through an application process, 60 members of the class of 2017 and 60 members of the class of 2018, from a wide range of academic disciplines, were invited to attend. The program is designed to build emotional intelligence and skills to assist in professionalism, communication, and networking.

A few of Cam’s discussion points:

  1. COOP’s / internships: the importance of gaining experience and how to prepare for these opportunities.

  2. The interview process: preparation and what employers are looking for during an interview.

  3. “Soft skills”: teamwork, communication, problem solving, etc.

  4. Resume: how to standout and distinguish yourself.

  5. Networking: why it’s important.

  6. Nobody’s perfect: how you react and respond to mistakes is what’s most important.


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