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Introducing Fitzemeyer & Tocci’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO), Anthony Denizard

Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc. recently announced Anthony Denizard had joined the company as Chief Operating Officer. Denizard previously served as Chief Operating Officer for a New York-based mechanical contractor. He will lead our operational efforts, work closely with our technical and client-facing teams, and ensure we continue delivering exceptional work for our clients.

“Please join us in welcoming Anthony to the team. I am confident that he will be a valuable asset to our organization and will contribute to our continued success through a strong team-oriented approach. Together, we'll be focused on growing the company, achieving strong financial results, and providing outstanding client experience.” said Ted Fitzemeyer, CEO.

Denizard is an experienced executive with over 15 years of experience as an insight-driven, goal-oriented executive. He has a proven track record of successfully developing holistic, 360-degree operating roadmaps that position organizations optimally to deliver against their strategic goals. A seasoned manager of people and processes; he is recognized for efficiently controlling costs, implementing actionable growth plans, and continually challenging and inspiring employees to meet or exceed their professional objectives.

Anthony is a graduate of New England College, earning his Master of Science in Organizational Management, and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Marketing & Management. He is passionate about mentoring and developing the next generation of leaders. We are committed to building a more sustainable future and staying at the forefront of innovation in our industry. Anthony will play a crucial role in helping us achieve these goals.


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