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Infrastructure Design for Reduced Patient Readmissions

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

With today’s challenging reimbursement structures, healthcare providers can drive better bottom line performance by reducing patient readmissions. This guide provides recommendations, insight, best practices, and examples illustrating how smart infrastructure investments can help to reduce avoidable patient readmissions and ultimately improve the overall finances of a healthcare organization and the health and safety of their patients, providers and visitors.

This guide covers:

  1. Handling and sterile fields

  2. Air infiltration and disinfection

  3. Design and management of sterile spaces

  4. Water treatment

  5. Improved patient healing environments

The goal of this guide is to highlight where facility management can go beyond the code and standard practices and focus on transforming the existing paradigm of health care facilities infrastructure design to improve patient treatment, care and general wellbeing.

About this Guide

This guide was written by Thomas Tsaros, PE and Terence Boland, PE from Fitzemeyer & Tocci, with insights from a roundtable discussion about the topic. Thank you to the following people for their ideas and contribution to this guide!

  1. Joe Sziabowski, AIA, President – Hardaway Sziabowski Architects

  2. Domenic Ciavarro, Executive Director – Catholic Medical Center

  3. Jessica Stebbins, Principal – HDR, Inc.

  4. Kevin Scheriber, President – SLD Technology, Inc.

  5. Andrew Hall, VP Sales – SLD Technology, Inc.


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