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Integrate Commissioning Into Your Building Project

How can building owners ensure building systems meet expectations and operate with predictable costs? Integrate commissioning from day one—to provide additional expertise, ensure owners’ and occupants’ needs are met, and to build highly efficient building systems that work as designed, at peak performance, and with minimal interruptions or downtime.

This guide reviews challenges for building owners who design and operate buildings and provides information on the value of commissioning. The paper also explains how to hire a commissioning agent and successfully integrate commissioning into every building project. Inside you’ll discover:

  1. Benefits Of Integrating Maintenance & Technical Staff

  2. Into The Design & Construction Process

  3. Market Drivers Leading Smart Owners To Commission Buildings

  4. What Happens When Owners Don’t Commission

  5. The Solution: Get Started Commissioning

  6. What To Look For In A Commissioning Agent

  7. The Fitzemeyer & Tocci Advantage


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