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Leveraging Building Infrastructure to Protect & Attract Building Occupancy

In the modern world, there are increasing threats to people and businesses as they try to live their everyday lives and conduct business.

Building design, especially in the commercial industry where people work every day and our economy thrives, is a critical step to protecting employees and profits.

This guide will give readers an overview of the history of resilient and robust commercial building design and how technology, design practices, and strategies have changed over time to protect both the occupants of the building and the building itself from any hazards or commercial losses. The intent is to discuss and identify new best practices for all aspects of new building design to best accomplish this goal in the future.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify areas where resiliency can be introduced.

  • Identify the importance of filtration and air quality.

  • Identify building systems for maintaining healthy environments for various occupants.

  • Identify the impact a “healthy building” can put on an electrical system.



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