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Pharmacy Upgrades with a Practical ROI

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) organization is responsible for the implementation of safety practice standards within pharmacies and for the drugs it produces. USP recently proposed revisions to Chapters 795, 797 and 825 which will require pharmacies across the United States to adjust and upgrade their pharmacy compounding spaces and supporting areas. These changes include space programming, architectural finishes, mechanical equipment, airflow, light fixtures, and environmental requirements.

These renovations are starting to impact health care facilities across the nation and projects are being completed at record rates, even for construction standards. The fast-paced design and construction process can typically result in high construction costs. How can hospitals and health care facilities see a return on investment on mandatory renovations that are both fast-paced and costly?

This guide examines potential design considerations to meet client ROIs when upgrading their pharmacy spaces to meet current guidelines and requirements. The USP guidelines and standards will be discussed in detail and integration of various pharmacy systems will be explored.

Written by:

Seth Joseph Timothy Ryan Matthew

Spangler Merullo Piehl Moynihan Fitzemeyer

Thank you to Michael Leydon and Matthew Halley from Buckley Associates, Inc. for their ideas and contributions to this guide.


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