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F&T at 2021 NEHES Fall Conference

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

F&T had a great time taking part in the 2021 NEHES Fall Conference this week!

Thanks to NEHES and our fellow presenters for having us. It was great to connect with you all face to face!

Aside from hosting a booth on Monday, we were lucky enough to take part in 3 presentations on Tuesday as well.


Scott LeClair, PE, LEED AP presented “Innovation in Healthcare: Balancing the implementation of new technologies and delivery methods with staff empowerment” with Dave Gill of REOS Sales & Service, Matthew Bluette of CUBE3, and Joseph O'Leary of Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Jason Butler presented “Building Reconditioning - A Success Story in Transformation” with Adam Tarfano at Yale New Haven Health, Bill Wolpert at E4H Environments for Health Architecture and Hal Chait at FIP Construction, Inc.

F&T’s Jason Butler and Scott Guertin "Planning for the Unknown–Maximum Adaptability in Patient Floor Design"


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