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Science & Technology Integrated MEP Solutions

Amdocs Data Facility Cooling and Power Expansion

Data Facility Cooling

Fitzemeyer & Tocci provided HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical engineering services to evaluate the existing infrastructure to support the expansion of an existing data center in two phases of renovation. Phase 1 consisted of installing a new N+2 power distribution in the data center. In Phase 2 of the project, our team implemented new high density POD of IT equipment with in-row cooling and containment.

Scope of Work:

Fitzemeyer & Tocci recently completed a cooling and power expansion of the Amdocs data facility. The goals of the project were to provide efficient data room cooling with the latest technology in the confines of an existing data facility managed by a global  IT company. In addition to the design scope of work Fitzemeyer & Tocci was also contracted by Amdocs to provide commissioning services on the project. The commissioning  process was utilized to verify system operation in accordance with design requirements. In addition to verifying that newly installed systems were operating according to design, Fitzemeyer & Tocci’s commissioning team was able to work with the contractors, owner and design team to enhance system operation with in-field adjustments approved by the design team.


The existing data room was served by traditional computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units that were incapable of providing the excess capacity needed to support an expansion of the data center. Furthermore, the existing heat rejection equipment was located on the roof, several stories above and separated by spaces occupied by other building tenants. Therefore, running new infrastructure through the building was not an option.  Space within the data center was also at a premium with little room for new mechanical equipment to provide cooling.

The Integrated Solution:

Fitzemeyer and Tocci worked closely with the IT consultant and architect to design a compact cooling system with room for anticipated growth. A hot isle rack system was utilized to contain the heat discharged from the new IT equipment and keep it from being added to the room loads served by an all air system. In row coolers were provided in the rack utilizing chilled water to cool the new equipment. The compact footprint and low fan energy of the in row coolers ensured minimal space and energy was utilized when compared to a traditional CRAC unit.

Two new redundant air cooled chillers with pumps were installed on site behind an architectural louver to conceal the units. Piping to the in row coolers was run under the floor to avoid the heavily used ceiling plenum containing data and power wiring. The piping infrastructure was also designed for future expansion of another hot isle rack system without having to shut down the chilled water system.

Fitzemeyer & Tocci’s ability to manage this project from preliminary planning stages to final commissioning  proved to be a key strength of our firm. We provided a comprehensive strategy that identified the resources and solutions needed to meet deadlines, even under unique facility challenges.


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