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F&T Staff on the Move: Associate Program

Fitzemeyer & Tocci recently held our annual Associate Nomination meeting, where our executive team elected those individuals who drive the growth of F&T’s business and brand. We are incredibly fortunate to have such talented individuals at F&T.

Please join us in congratulating the team!

New Associates:

Tricia Soulard
Tricia Soulard - Associate

Since joining F&T as a Project Administrator in 2018, Tricia has consistently demonstrated exceptional qualities as an outstanding employee. Her ability to collaborate across all departments has proven vital in highlighting the significance of interdepartmental cooperation for our company’s success. Tricia's reliability and accountability, coupled with her proactive approach in managing projects and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, have been instrumental in keeping projects on track. In her free time, Tricia is a dedicated blood donor, having donated almost 100 pints over the years.

Ted Hetzel
Ted Hetzel - Associate

Ted Hetzel, PE has been a driving force in F&T’s sustainability efforts and a model of leadership. Ted began his journey with us as an HVAC Group Leader in 2021 bringing a keen interest in sustainability that has since become integral to our operations. In recognition of his expertise, Ted was promoted to Group Leader and Sustainability Specialist. He plays an active role in the Sustainability Committee, spearheading initiatives designed to enhance our team’s skills and participation in sustainability-related events. His problem-solving ability and reliability parallel the qualities of an Owner’s Engineer, confidently navigating challenges with minimal guidance. His dedication not only advances our company’s sustainability goals but also sets a high standard for leadership and collaboration. Ted is the proud owner of a 6-year-old dog named Rosie and has recently taken up Hillclimb car racing in his spare time!

Several Associates moved up within the program:

Deanna Adkison
Deanna Adkison - Associate Principal

Deanna has been with F&T for 6 years and has participated in the Associate Program since 2021. Deanna started with F&T as an HVAC Project Engineer. She quickly was recognized for her ability to lead projects and was promoted to Project Manager. Over her time as a PM, she has developed countless improvements to our PM processes, mentored others, has taken some part in strategic initiatives, and is now the Healthcare Client Leader. Deanna is a very active thought leader and served as the President of ASHRAE. Deanna and her family are big animal lovers. Currently residing in the household, the family cares for an Australian shepherd, a cat, a tortoise, and two hermit crabs!

Dan Villeneuve
Dan Villeneuve - Principal

Dan has been with F&T for 7 years as our BIM/Technology Director and has participated in the Associate Program since 2020. He has developed countless improvements to our BIM processes, managed the entire IT function, and taken part in most strategic initiatives. He has created a “Culture of BIM” at F&T by fostering excitement around technology advancement and improvement. His career path was forged through the combination of a love for hand drawing and an early exposure to always seeing construction blueprints around the house growing up.

Matthew Fitzemeyer
Matthew Fitzemeyer – Senior Associate

Matt has been with the firm for 14 years and has progressed through the company starting as a co-op, mechanical design engineer, project engineer, and now a project manager. He has a vast knowledge of many areas of operations and is known as very reliable, both internally and externally.  Matt is active in Thought Leadership, participates in industry organizations, engages in external and internal training, and enthusiastically supports others’ growth while also seeking feedback for ensuring his own. Matt is known within his family to be amazing at impressions and accent and is a huge fan of Frank Sinatra.

Joe Merullo
 Joe Merullo – Senior Associate

Joe has been with the firm for 9 years and has progressed through the company starting as a mechanical design engineer, then project engineer, and now a project manager. During this time, he has frequently assumed the role as a mentor for mechanical staff and is now assisting with the development of PMO co-ops and new hires. He is very active in Thought Leadership and actively participates in industry organizations. Joe has been successful throughout his career and continues to seek further development of the skills required to excel in any position that he holds. Joe’s favorite movie is “Forrest Gump” - Perfect combination of comedy, action, and romance!

Mark Rowlenson
Mark Rowlenson – Senior Associate

Mark Rowlenson has been with the firm for almost 13 years and has worked extremely hard to build a highly technical HVAC discipline. Mark’s HVAC engineering knowledge makes him both a dependable resource for F&T’s clients as well as for his team. As HVAC Group Leader, Mark coordinates entire systems from concept through construction, conducting site visits, systems evaluations, cost estimates and specifications. He has provided these services for a multitude of project types, including healthcare, academic, and science & technology. Mark ensures the project’s mechanical designs are fully code compliant and up to date with industry standards. Mark is an avid hiker who has hiked all 48 4,000-foot mountains in New Hampshire.  

Richard Barbera
Richard Barbera – Senior Associate

Rich Barbera has been with the firm for 6 years. Rich joined F&T and brought steady leadership and expertise to the Plumbing Department. While being an extremely valuable technical expert, Rich is also a thought leader and has done an incredible job of bringing new clients, opportunities, and projects to F&T. He is also the head of the ASPE Boston Membership Committee and continually encourages his staff to participate in industry events and go for further certifications. In his free time, Rich enjoys listening to his favorite bands - Aerosmith, Queen and Led Zeppelin.


Congratulations to the recent Associate Program inductees. We look forward to the growth of the firm and the ability to continue welcoming such talented people to this program,  which is designed to recognize those who embody our core values of Reliable, Resourceful, and Respectful and are shining examples of the Way to be F&T!


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