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Meet our Summer 2023 Co-Ops

F&T is excited to introduce our 2023 Summer Co-Ops! F&T hires students with the intention to introduce them to the MEP/FP consulting industry. Our hope is to provide students with an opportunity to learn about our industry and gain relevant experience. Our Co-Ops will be challenged with a “real world” experience to prepare them for post graduate employment.

Meet our Co-Ops Below!

Summer 2023 Co-Ops

Matt Barbera- Plumbing/Fire Protection

Matt is an engineering student at Clemson University, expected to graduate with the class of 2027. Even though Matt still does not have his mind made up on what type of engineering he would like to go into, he has always known that engineering is the field he would like to pursue because he has always been drawn to math and science. The main reason that made him pursue engineering as a major is because it will make him a third-generation engineer in his family. Matt is a sports fanatic; a lot of his free time consists of watching and keeping up with sports. He also plays sports himself, golf being one of his favorites. When he is not watching or playing sports he is playing on Xbox with his friends.

Tristan Villeneuve- IT Co-Op

Tristan is going to be a Junior at Londonderry High School this fall, he is expected to graduate in 2026. He was inspired to take on this position because he has always had an interest in computers. He was only 9 years old when he built his first computer. Since then, tech and IT have played a big role in his life. In Tristan’s free time he enjoys self-improvement, soccer, and being around his friends and family.


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