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Throwback Thursday: Tufts University

This week’s Throwback Thursday: Tufts University’s Ballou Hall!

Ballou Hall is a historic academic building on the campus of Tufts in Medford. Built in 1852 and designed by Gridley J.F. Bryant, it was Tufts' first academic building. The building was later renovated and rearranged multiple times and remains the center of administration for the university. We provided multiple HVAC renovations throughout the building from the ‘70s – ‘90s.

Since 1961, F&T has provided engineering services for nearly 100 projects for Tufts University and the School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts. In the 1970s and 1990s, we provided services for multiple academic classrooms, laboratories, and common spaces; including Ballou Hall, Halligan Hall, Wren Hall, and Mugar Hall, most of which still stand today.

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