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Traditional to Translational: Aiding the Transition from Bench to Bedside

Technological advances and the increase of scientific knowledge are currently expanding at a rapid pace, with routine breakthroughs becoming more and more common. These scientific discoveries can have a significant impact on humanity from both an environmental and biological perspective. Over the past 20 years, use of this knowledge to treat patients in lieu of traditional experience-based practices have created a new field called translational medicine.

Transitioning from traditional healthcare design into translational design, also referred to as “bench to bedside”, has become more popular as the benefits of this approach have become more recognized by healthcare organizations. Although designing spaces that merge the traditional functions of patient treatment with laboratory research has unique challenges, the impact of integrating research, education, and healthcare programs can greatly promote enhancements in the treatment of patients and provide greater population access.

This guide examines the unique design and construction challenges and requirements for creating buildings that allow for treatment of patients in a research setting, in both new and existing facilities. Best practices and lessons learned for successful project outcomes will be identified. Life-safety and code requirements as well as integration of critical and specialized systems will also be explored.


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