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Welcome our Summer 2024 Co-Ops

F&T is excited to introduce our 2024 Summer Co-Ops! F&T hires students with the intention to introduce them to the MEP/FP consulting industry. Our hope is to provide students with an opportunity to learn about our industry and gain relevant experience. Our Co-Ops will be challenged with a “real world” experience to prepare them for post graduate employment.  

Meet our Co-Ops below!

Andrew Parent- Electrical Co-Op

Andrew Parent

Andrew is an Electromechanical Engineering student at Wentworth Institute of Technology expected to graduate with the class of 2026. Andrew was inspired to pursue the field of electrical engineering because he has always wanted to understand how the electronic devices and systems we use consistently work. Since Andrew has started his co-op he has a better understanding and it is exciting for him to be a part of designing buildings and structures that people rely on every day. When he is not working, Andrew likes to spend his time outside walking, biking, or skiing when the weather is nice. He also enjoys playing guitar, cooking, and taking care of his plants.

Matt Barbera

Matt Barbera- Mechanical Co-Op

Matt is an engineering student at Clemson University, expected to graduate with the class of 2027. Even though Matt still does not have his mind made up on what type of engineering he would like to go into, he has always known that engineering is the field he would like to pursue because he has always been drawn to math and science. The main reason that he pursued engineering as a major is that it will make him a third-generation engineer in his family. Matt is back for his second co-op with F&T. Matt is a sports fanatic; a lot of his free time consists of watching and keeping up with sports. He also plays sports himself, golf being one of his favorites. When he is not watching or playing sports he is playing on Xbox with his friends.

Jonathan Efrem

Jonathan Efrem- IT Co-Op

Jonathan is a Computer Science student at Wentworth Institute of Technology, expected to graduate with the class of 2025. Jonathan was inspired to pursue the computer science field because he has always loved computers and robots. What really motivated him was one of his computer science teachers from high school who encouraged him to pursue the field. Jonathan likes to play video games, run, and bake in his free time e time Jonathan likes to play video games, run, and bake!

We are currently hiring for the 2024 Fall semester. If you or someone you know is interested please reach out to Olivia Adley, If you are a student at Wentworth Institute of Technology you can apply on simplicity.


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