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Confidential Client

COVID-19 Test Manufacturing – R&D and Manufacturing Lab Facility

New England Region

Year Completed



Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects, Inc.

F&T was contracted to provide full MEP/FP fire alarm and code consulting services for this fast-track, critical project in 2020-2021. Contracted in the summer of ’20, F&T was brought on board and immediately worked to provide an early release, long-lead, package; followed by formal construction documents. The project included a large (approx. 7,500 sf) iso-7 clean/dry room that required precision temperature (70 degF +/- 2degF) and exceptionally low relative humidity (15%RH +/-5%), which was required for COVID test manufacturing standards. Major infrastructure upgrades to allow for these conditions were included and the project was successfully turned over in early 2021 for high-output COVID test manufacturing.

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