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F&T's New and Rising Associates

On Wednesday, 12/8, Fitzemeyer & Tocci held our annual Associate Nomination meeting, where our current Associates identify and elect those individuals who drive the growth of F&T’s business and brand. Please join us in congratulating our new and rising associates! We look forward to the growth of the firm and the ability to continue welcoming such talented people to this program.

Deanna Adkison, EIT - Elected as Associate

Deanna has been with F&T for nearly four years and started here as an HVAC Project Engineer. She quickly was recognized for her ability to lead projects and was promoted to Project Manager (PM). Over her time as a PM she has developed countless improvements to our PM processes, mentored others, has taken some part in strategic initiatives, and is now the PMO Manager overseeing the management and direction of the team. Deanna is a very active thought leader and most recently was the President of ASHRAE. Deanna is currently enrolled in the ACEC Odyssey Leadership Training program.

Fun fact: Deanna loves the holiday season. Every year she gets the family dressed in pajamas and, with cups of hot chocolate, drives around searching for the best holiday lights and decorations.

Richard Barbera, CIPE - Elected as Associate

Rich Barbera has been with the firm for three years, bringing steady leadership and expertise to the Plumbing Department. He has been an exceptional leader and mentor to his staff and created a high-functioning plumbing discipline. While being an extremely valuable technical expert, Rich is also a thought leader and has done an incredible job of bringing new clients, opportunities, and projects to F&T. He is also the head of the ASPE Boston Membership Committee and continually encourages his staff to participate in industry events and go for further certifications.

Fun fact: Even though the Patriots have done most of the winning over the past 20 years, Rich is a huge Las Vegas Raiders fan.

Mark Rowlenson - Elected as Associate

Mark Rowlenson has been with the firm for almost 11 years and has worked extremely hard to build a highly technical HVAC discipline. Mark’s HVAC engineering knowledge makes him both a dependable resource for F&T’s clients and for his team. His passion and excitement for engineering has spread to all staff and he has done an incredible job of uniting and mentoring the HVAC team. Mark has participated in F&T guides and will be presenting F&T Guide 17 at the 2022 SCUP North Atlantic Regional Conference.

Fun fact: Mark is an avid skier and takes trips out west every year.

Abdullah Khaliqi, PE, CPQ - Promoted to Associate Principal

Abdullah Khaliqi has been promoted to Associate Principal. He has been with the firm for six years. Over the last year Abdullah not only took on a new role as the Academic Market Leader but has demonstrated the capability to take on new roles and subject areas, most notably as the interim Cx Service Leader. Along with being an exceptional team member, Abdullah has an amazing ability to manage our client relationships and has done an impressive job of taking new, “acquire clients” and turning them into important “build/share clients” for F&T. Abdullah has consistently demonstrated his commitment to all company marketing and branding efforts at F&T with activities such as speaking engagements, participation in guides, and a very active social media presence.

Fun fact: Abdullah volunteers as a committee member with Ducks Unlimited and enjoys hunting, boating, and being outdoors with his dog, Tesla.


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