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Building Optimization Through Existing Building Commissioning

Building Optimization Through Existing Building Commissioning

To meet sustainability goals and comply with regulatory requirements on greenhouse gas emissions, significant emphasis is being placed on building electrification and the removal of fossil fuel burning infrastructure. While this is certainly a worthy goal, special emphasis should also be placed on optimizing the performance of existing infrastructure. Where most infrastructure replacement projects require large capital investment and lengthy project schedules, building optimization projects can be significantly more cost-effective, faster to execute, and able to address both energy use reduction goals and building comfort issues.

It is important to consider that all systems require monitoring and maintenance to ensure that they are operating at peak performance. Even if a building or system is new and was properly commissioned, component failures and improvised modifications of systems and their controls, even if done with the best of intentions, can occur at any time and have negative effects on system performance. This is where building optimization efforts such as retro-commissioning can be extremely beneficial for building owners. 

This guide examines when retro-commissioning should be considered, breaks down the process, outlines the anticipated outcomes, and explains the benefits.

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