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Congrats September F&T People's Cup Winner: Shannon Larkin!

Congratulations to Shannon on winning the September F&T People's Cup Award! In her 3 years at F&T, Shannon consistently represents our core values of respectful, resourceful, and reliable.

Shannon is always courteous with clients, owners and colleagues and carries herself very professionally at all times. Her co-workers enjoy working on projects with her and learning more about plumbing from her.

Whether it be vendors, supervisors or colleagues – Shannon knows who to go to get the necessary information to successful complete a job. She’s always aware of the scope of work and willing to assist those with project completion with her knowledge gained from experience, research, or an external contact.

Shannon is reliable, as her team can count on her for accurate and timely information to ensure successful project completion. She is always available to answer a plumbing question and offer her knowledge.


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