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Daniel's Co-Op Experience at F&T

F&T’s co-op program introduces students to the MEP/FP consulting industry. We provide students with an opportunity to learn about our industry and gain relevant experience. Our Co-Ops are challenged with a “real world” experience to prepare them for post-graduate employment.

Daniel is a Mechanical Engineering student at Wentworth Institute of Technology, expected to graduate with the class of 2024. Below is his experience in his position as Project Management Co-Op.

What is the best skill you learned or improved while on co-op?

The best skill I acquired at F&T was how to utilize a variety of tools and management techniques to effectively communicate in a business environment.

What was your favorite part about co-op?

My favorite part about Co-op had to be the ski trip company outing. Being able to kick back and enjoy time with knowledgeable and friendly coworkers while learning about various F&T lifestyles was a motivating experience.

What were you looking for in a co-op opportunity? Goals?

Going into my first Co-op, I wanted to be able to experience business relations and responsibilities and learn how to adapt to business standards while coming from a more technical background.

What helped you be successful?

What helped me be successful at F&T was keeping an open mind, talking with everyone I could, listening to advice and trying to implement it to my style of work.

If you could go back to your first day on co-op what advice would you give yourself or someone else?

The first thing I would say to myself would be to calm down and keep a clear mental space. Being nervous will be a natural occurrence during the first few weeks of work so you won’t get in trouble if you take a moment to recollect your thoughts.

What do you think makes someone successful at F&T and in this industry?

In my experience during co-op, the biggest characteristic that has made an impact was confidence. There have been moments that I have seen F&T members get into difficult situations but were able to smoothly maneuver through them simply because of their ability to remain levelheaded and confident while they spoke.

At F&T you work with many different team members. What impact has that made, if any?

Working with others is what made me stay at F&T. F&T has demonstrated a simple, yet strong sense of community by including me in the F&T lifestyle even as a Co-op. F&T believe everyone should be respectful, resourceful, and reliable. Therefore, working under these simple principles has made F&T a great place to build a career.

Do you feel prepared to pursue a full-time position?

With the guidance and fellowship of the members at F&T I have all the room to authentically pursue new opportunities and express my skills to promote my own and the community’s growth. Therefore, after being with the business for less than half a year I do feel prepared to pursue a full-time job

Written by:

Daniel Mejia-Raminho Co-op

Project Management Co-op

Mechanical Engineering student at

Wentworth Institute of Technology,

Class of 2024


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