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Encouraging an Ownership Mindset

Fitzemeyer & Tocci has created a new benefit for key personal to encourage an ownership mindset.  We wanted to create an atmosphere where employees feel engaged in the company and not just completing work assignments.  This benefit rewards employees for creation of long-term company value, enhances employee culture, and creates meaningful long-term wealth accumulation opportunities.

How we Cultivate an Ownership Mindset

We call this program a Stock Appreciation Plan (SAP) and it is available to our Associates, Senior Associates, and Associate Principals.  These leadership designations are given to key staff that represent our core values – the F&T 3R’s – Respectful, Reliable and Resourceful.  By promoting contributions to our core values, both the individual and company are rewarded.  When an individual contributes to the success of the company and its clients, the personal rewards are limitless.  To cultivate an ownership mindset culture at F&T, we continually connect key leaders to our values, strategic plan and goals.  This approach then creates a culture where all F&T staff are aligned to deliver exceptional service to leading academic and healthcare institutions and architectural firms.

How the Plan Works

Since their contributions to our client’s success is key to our success, the SAP plan allows these vital individuals to benefit from the appreciation in stock value. The SAP plan annually grants phantom shares of stock which are valued the same as our core stock.  The SAP shares grow in value as the firm’s value increases and allows key staff to share in the company’s success.   The SAP plan pays out at maturity: the 3rd anniversary of grant date, upon a disability, or death.

If you would like to learn more about our SAP plan and how it benefits our clients and staff please contact Ted at


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