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Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates, Inc. Sets The Standard For Engineering Leadership

Fitzemeyer & Tocci Associates Inc. supplies high-end engineering leadership to help their clients reach their goals. F&T has researched resiliency, maintainability, and energy efficiency. The company uses their knowledge to help their client develop optimized design concepts. F&T recognizes what an owner should do to maintain an efficient budget and schedule.

Mechanical Engineering

As building construction continues to evolve, there are changes to the mechanical systems that help stabilize the building environment and ensure that occupants are safe. Consider F & T as your engineering partner. The company recognizes how complex mechanical systems are, and they will give you the tools to maintain elite performance. Your system will become more reliable, thanks to improved efficiency.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering includes the power, lighting, and other systems. You have to make sure that the security and fire alarms systems are working smoothly. Electrical engineers will assist you by making sure these systems function properly inside your building. The engineers should have a clear understanding of the relationship between the system, building, and the occupants. F & T can inform you of safe, reliable, and cost-effective strategies. F&T uses testing to provide critical analysis. The oversight can improve the quality of your building projects. F & T gives you access to a third party review so that you can feel comfortable that your project meets the expectations and requirements to move forward.

Construction Management

F & T has a large team of construction managers that assist clients. You will receive guidance throughout the entire construction process. F & T is able to help their clients create projects by relying on a full scale delivery model. The company has previously assisted on infrastructure, central plant, and power distribution projects. They have also helped improve and upgrade energy management systems. The team will assess your goals to help you create an efficient project. They will handle the design patterns and streamline the contracting process. The result is faster project completion.

Safety Engineering

Safety requirements in buildings have become more complex. Common misunderstandings have led to people getting injured, buildings being destroyed, and safety glitches. The fire protection engineers at F & T will help prevent over design leads. The team at F & T will make sure that your safety system adheres to the regulatory requirements. The engineers have thorough knowledge of fire protection and unique codes. F & T believes in performance based strategies that align with the project. Your fire protection system should be cost-effective. F & T will help you implement technology that will cut your operating costs.


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