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January F&T People's Cup Winner: Tim Piehl, EIT

Congratulations to Tim for winning the January People's Cup award! As Electrical Project Engineer, Tim consistently displays our core values of respectful, resourceful, and reliable.

Tim is respectful of others' time and always professionally conducts himself. He is responsive to clients and coworkers, even when he may have a hectic schedule. He is always working to make sure the project has all the best design for the owner's needs and that the internal and external project team has the up to date and accurate information. When project changes come up, he will quickly adapt and makes life easier for everyone working on the project. Tim is someone you want on your team because there is never any doubt of having issues communicating.

Tim is consistent in fulfilling the project goals and will always help project managers and the design team meet deadlines. He ensures that F&T offers the best product on each project, often going the extra mile (and literal miles driving), making him a pleasure to work with and a true example of what a reliable employee and coworker looks like.

"Tim is an excellent example of what a respectful, resourceful, and reliable F&T member looks like. He is one of the first people I think of the embodies the spirit of what the F&T people cup award represents." - Ryan Moynihan


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