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Jeff Romeo, P.E., featured in Mastering Lean Leadership

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Mastering Lean Leadership for the A/E industry brings an entirely new way of thinking and learning to architects, engineers, and environmental consultants. Adopting Lean operational strategies exponentially accelerates and increases the benefits of improvement and growth initiatives.

As Executive Vice President of Fitzemeyer & Tocci, Jeff Romeo, P.E., is an enthusiastic advocate for improvement in action and has written many blogs on Lean Principles. Jeff was featured in this journal to discuss how, as the technical services leader and Lean champion of the firm, he has helped his team establish the reasons why they wanted to be Lean and what the desired outcomes looked like. The Lean initiative has become one of the most impactful strategic initiatives our firm has undertaken. Having a crystalized focus on why we have chosen to be Lean enables our firm to quickly realize meaningful and quantifiable improvements across all measures of success we value.

You can buy the book Mastering Lean Leadership here.

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