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Summer 2023 Employee Promotions

At Fitzemeyer & Tocci, our employees are the driving force behind our success. We value their hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment. Join us in recognizing and appreciating our exceptional team members who make our company thrive. To our exceptional employees who have received these promotions, thank you for your dedication. We celebrate you and look forward to achieving even greater heights together.

Summer 2023 Promotions

Corporate's Promotions

Tricia O. Soulard: Senior Project Administrator

Tricia Soulard has been promoted to Senior Project Administrator!

Over the course of her five-year journey with us, Tricia has consistently demonstrated reliability with her ability to handle project coordination tasks, along with a wide range of administrative responsibilities. Tricia's resourcefulness is evident as she uses her extensive experience when applicable, which has proven to be instrumental to F&T in areas that often span outside of her role/department. Tricia’s reliability is unquestionable as she is always available, prompt, and responsive to any request that comes her way. Congratulations to Tricia!

Maureen Whittier: Senior Construction Administrator

Maureen Whittier has been promoted to Senior Construction Assistant!

Maureen has been with F&T for two years and has consistently demonstrated resourcefulness in handling the technological advancements to Autodesk Construction Cloud and their impact on construction administrative functions. Maureen’s reliability and respectfulness is often seen with her flexibility and willingness to help, along with her exceptional ability for timely completion CA activities. Congratulations to Maureen!

Lauren Witt, SHRM-CP: Human Resources Manager

Lauren Witt has been promoted to Human Resources Manager!

Since joining F&T in 2020, Lauren’s steadfast commitment to this firm, as well as her exemplification of our corporate Core Values of being “Respectful, Resourceful and Reliable”, have allowed our company to function at its highest levels. Over the past 3 years, Lauren has proven that she is capable of meeting both internal and external HR demands, and she will now spearhead all our Human Resources goals moving forward.

Additionally, Lauren recently passed the SHRM-CP exam, making her a SHRM Certified Professional. Passing this exam and receiving the certification showcases Lauren’s dedication and competency in implementing policies, supporting day-to-day HR functions, and serving as an HR point of contact for staff. Congratulations to Lauren!

Technical Service Group Promotions

Maria Torre: Fire Protection Project Engineer

Maria Torre has been promoted to Fire Protection Project Engineer!

Maria has been with F&T since the beginning of 2022 and during that time has proven herself to be a confident engineer in complete control of her work. She has continuously elevated her skills and abilities in the fire protection discipline and has been reliable and resourceful in meeting every challenge to come her way. Her new position is in recognition not just of her performance but also of her personal accountability and dedication. Congratulations to Maria!

Ryan Moynihan: HVAC Project Engineer

Ryan Moynihan has been promoted to HVAC Project Engineer!

Since joining F&T as a co-op, Ryan has exhibited a passion for engineering design and detail. He’s been invaluable as a leader as we push our capabilities in BIM. Ryan is dedicated to quality, and his new position is in recognition of the experience he’s gained in the time he’s put into his work. He’s a great example of our Owner’s Engineer core value. He continues to build relationships with senior TSG staff and converts their experiences into his own expertise. Congratulations to Ryan!

Tanner McCarthy: HVAC Design Engineer

Tanner McCarthy has been promoted to HVAC Design Engineer!

In the year since Tanner joined F&T fresh out of school, he’s dedicated himself to the ins and outs of the design and production aspects of F&T. His improved skills and abilities come from his willingness to seek out mentorship and respect its value. He takes responsibility for his own career growth by the way he dives into challenging new project types. His new position is in recognition of his abilities to reliably take on more complex assignments and the expectation that he will continue to advance quickly. Congratulations to Tanner!


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