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Waltham's New High School Commissioning

Updated: May 1, 2023

F&T, in partnership with the Massachusetts School Building Authority, is currently providing the commissioning for Waltham’s new High School. This exciting project includes the construction of a new 415,000sf high school for 1,830 students, grades 9 through 12.

Our commissioning services started in the Design Phase and will continue through the Post-Occupancy Phase including design reviews, installation verification, functional performance testing, and post-occupancy performance reviews.

The new school is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in 2024.

Waltham HS Exterior - Under Construction
Waltham HS Exterior - Construction
Waltham HS Exterior - Rooftop

Commissioning assists in the delivery of a project that provides a safe facility, optimizes energy use, reduces operating costs, ensures adequate staff training, improves installed building systems documentation and, most importantly, a high-quality functional facility that meets the owner’s needs.

Additionally, these services result in:

  • Longer and more effective equipment life

  • Minimized operational costs through system & equipment efficiency

  • Ensuring a strict adherence to design intent

  • Warranty enforcement

  • Preventative and predictive maintenance plans

  • Overall building quality enhancement

  • Comprehensive project documentation

  • Ability to make better informed capital decision

Whether you require commissioning, retro-commissioning or recommissioning, Fitzemeyer & Tocci is ready to assist you in optimizing your building systems’ performance.


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