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2022 Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! Did you know F&T has a forest?

Together we planted 460 trees of 27 different varieties and have offset 308.73 tons of CO2.

In our commitment to sustainability, we are contributing to reforestation projects all over the world by planting trees with Tree-Nation. Employees are awarded trees that are planted on their behalf to a chosen reforestation project. Some of the projects we have contributed to include:

The Eden Project is helping to protect and create a reforested buffer zone that is vital to protect animal habitat.

Preserving Biodiversity in the Eastern Arc Mountains rain forest is the primary goal of this project.

The Adivasi Bhatra, Gond and Abhuj Maria tribes rely on forests for food security and livelihood through the collection of forest produces. The project involves the planting of highly valued native trees in various villages, with the goal of helping restore forests, and enhance ecosystem services and rural economy.

Discover more restoration projects through Tree-Nation.

How will you be #AllInForEarthDay?


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