Commissioning for Better Acoustical Performance

Although a typical commissioning process focuses on thermal comfort and indoor air quality, one factor related to space comfort that is often overlooked is acoustics. The identification of acoustic issues and their sources helps to identify if undesirable noises are the result of malfunctioning equipment, changes in the design intent of operating equipment or are inherent (and thus “normal”) to equipment operation.

Numerous factors can contribute to acoustic issues throughout a facility. From a commissioning perspective, abnormal space noises are often an indicator of improper operating equipment. These acoustic issues can be vetted by equipment testing and are often found to be a result of worn belts, improper belt adjustment, improper vibration isolation, improper bearing alignment and/or bearing failure. Acoustic issues are not only a nuisance to the space occupants, but a pre-cursor to larger equipment issues needing to be identified and addressed.

Commissioning can identify and prevent acoustic issues in