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Congratulations Stephen Picariello, F&T’s February People’s Cup Winner!

Each day, Steve displays the F&T core values of respectful, resourceful, and reliable.

Steve is always respectful of others, whether he is dealing with long time clients or newly hired employees. He will take time out of his day to help answer any questions he can, regardless of the topic. He knows how to keep everyone’s spirits high and goes out of his way to ask how you are doing before jumping straight into a work discussion.

Steve is the embodiment of resourcefulness as can be seen by his multiple positions / promotions in his time at F&T. Whether it be as a mechanical engineer, project manager, or his new role the CA department, Steve’s knowledge and flexibility are always on display.

Steve makes sure to distribute all information needed on his projects as soon as it is available to him and is always willing to help find a solution for any issue even if it does not directly apply to him. With his wealth of knowledge in the mechanical field and project management, Steve can quickly come up with solutions that others may not think of.

As seen by his 12 years at F&T, Steve is as reliable as they come. Steve can always be counted on to put in the extra time needed to ensure project deliverables are sent out on time and in the best condition possible. As a project manager, Steve is always available for last minute questions / concerns and can work with both the internal team and client so that the CA process can run smoothly after submissions.

Congratulations, Steve!

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