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Massachusetts State Plumbing Code Update

The new Massachusetts State Plumbing Code was published on the Massachusetts Plumbing Board website on December 8, 2023. The links below will take you to a red lined version of the code and both the new and old plumbing codes.



The most significant change in the code is 10.10 (15) (g) and (h) - Unisex/Gender -Neutral Toilet Rooms and Multi-User/Gender-Neutral Toilet Rooms. Other revisions were added or revised to clarify inconsistencies between codes.


Early indications are that the code is now in effect as of 12/8/23 any projects permitted after this date must meet the new code requirements. Although, the Division of Occupational Licensure’s Commissioner has indicated that they were working on an initial guidance document that would include a clarification of the effective date and several other issues. Also, tThey also indicated that the Board is prepared to issue other guidance to questions they receive as more people become aware of this new code.


F&-T is currently reviewing the entire code for revisions and other changes and will distribute further information when complete.

Plumbing Code


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