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Meet our Winter 2022 Co-Ops!

F&T recently welcomed our 2022 Winter Co-Ops, all from Wentworth Institute of Technology Class of 2023. F&T hires co-op students intending to introduce them to the MEP/FP consulting industry. We hope to provide students with an opportunity to learn about our industry and gain relevant experience. Our Co-Ops are challenged with a “real world” experience to prepare them for post-graduate employment.

Carla Reyes | Mechanical Co-Op

Carla Reyes is an engineering student at Wentworth, expected to graduate in the Class of 2023, and is from Honduras. She loves to be very involved on campus through different clubs/organizations like Admissions, Orientation, and Wentworth Student Government. Aside from school activities, she likes to explore new places and try new things. A fun fact about her is that she would love to visit Switzerland one day!

Mark Czako | Project Management Co-Op

Balint Mark Czako is a junior international student from Hungary studying at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Class of 2023. Mark is receiving his degree in Mechanical Engineering and with a minor in Project Management. He is keen on playing darts and working out which are my beloved hobbies.


Massimiliano Orfanini | Commissioning Co-Op

Massimiliano Orfanini is from Monza, Italy; a small town 20 minutes from Milan. He lived there until the age of 12 and moved to the United States in 2014. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology and will be graduating in August 2023. Massimiliano loves playing tennis, skiing, cooking, and going on adventurous travel trips!

Paul Conway | Electrical Co-Op

Paul is a co-op student from the electrical engineering school at Wentworth Institute of Technology, scheduled to graduate in 2023. Before attending college, Paul was in the US Air Force for 8 years and spent time as an RPA pilot for Insitu Incorporated. While attending school at Wentworth and Quinsigamond Community College, Paul worked at Lowes and Starbucks. He is hoping to start a career in the electrical engineering field, and he is excited to learn about the many applications of the field.


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