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Sustainable Infrastructure Design

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Sustainable Infrastructure Design

Energy efficiency has been a goal of building owners, designers, and municipalities for years, striving to reduce energy costs, consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions in step with community and societal trends. Over the last decade, there have been major advances in sustainable building design and technologies as the pace of development continues to accelerate.

Today’s building construction environment faces challenges of cost escalation from both material and labor inflation as well as equipment and material supply chains.

Owners and facilities groups everywhere must overcome these economic challenges while striving to significantly increase the overall sustainability of their organizations to meet regulatory, political, and environmental justice needs.

By incorporating smart, contemporary, sustainable design principles into projects, overall, first costs and operational (lifecycle, maintenance, energy) costs can be controlled and even reduced. Smart strategies and design can also increase flexibility, resiliency, and overall facility capabilities.

This guide will focus on how strategic infrastructure design can be used to successfully plan and implement sustainable-focused building infrastructure improvements to advance institutional organizations towards their sustainability goals while controlling both construction and operational costs within limited budgets.

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