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Understanding Building and Life Safety Codes in Building Design

Life safety and building codes have become more complex over the years when designing healthcare services. At Fitzmeyer and Tocci Associates Incorporated we know the building and safety codes in healthcare and incorporate life safety and building code assessment into every facility we design. We have a staff of qualified engineers and architects that can include a life safety assessment in every building we design.

This will ensure that when the building is completed it will be safe for patients, vendors, and employees. Our life safety and code consulting division is an essential service in this industry. Our building meets fire and other safety code standards, and we can keep costs down because we have trained employees with years of experience. We can help you prepare for a life safety inspection of your building and help meet life safety and building codes.

Life Safety Assessment or Inspections

Our team will come in and inspect your building and help decide on compliance with life safety and building codes. We will examine hallways, exits, doors, stairways, ceilings, structures and walls. We will look at smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, smoke and fire dampers, exits, and will rate the fire resistance of doors and partitions. Our staff will keep in contact with you from the inspection to the drawing that will be reviewed by the agency inspecting your facility. We will have a meeting with your safety officer or team to review your facility for life safety and building code issues. Our staff will look at earlier documents and safety records as part of the process.

We will prepare two sets of drawings for your inspection. The Statement of Condition drawings will list building violations and what needs to be fixed to bring the building up to code. A plan should be included on how you plan to correct or fix the problem. Up-to-date drawings make any inspection by government or state agencies go smoothly.

We will supply another set of drawings that do not cite violations and can be used for fire marshals and other regulatory agencies inspections. Our life safety and building codes division can help with life safety and building code inspections. A 3D drawing of current floor plans is an asset to have for any type of building inspection.

Design a Building Using Life Safety and Building Codes

When our engineers design a building, they will include a fire audit that looks at many life safety and building code compliance issues. They will design the building to meet fire and electrical codes in your geographic regions. Our engineers are licensed fire protection engineers with advanced degrees and training in safety compliance. We consult with building owners and local authorities to help you meet the life safety and building codes when you are being inspected or building a new facility. The life safety and code consulting division are an important part of our overall design philosophy for the healthcare industry. We want to design a building that is safe for your employees, vendors and patients.


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