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Dartmouth Health

Pharmacy Shared Services Center

Hooksett, New Hampshire

Year Completed



Lavallee Brensinger Architects

F&T provided engineering services for the design and construction administration for the renovations to a 97,000 sf warehouse and office facility to create specialty pharmacy storage and distribution, as well as general supply chain warehousing and distribution for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health system. The renovations included two types of central pharmacy operations totaling over 22,000 SF that will support prescription fulfillment for the entire system; including an automated fulfillment equipment line, compounding space, storage, and distribution preparation. The existing office spaces were renovated to accommodate the centralized pharmacy staff. Warehouse space was upgraded to support the needs of D-HH supply chain. Distribution and docking space was upgraded to accommodate the dual use of the facility. The MEPFP work included major infrastructure upgrades; all new air handling equipment to meet the stringent pharmacy requirements and separate pharmacy from warehouse; new electric service and standby generation to maintain operation of the facility, and sprinkler upgrades to covert from previous warehouse cold storage use.

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