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F&T's January People's Cup: Cameron Bellao!

F&T is happy to announce our January People’s Cup Winner: Cameron Bellao! The People's Cup is to recognize employees for their outstanding representation of core values: Resourceful, Respectful, and Reliable.


Cam is respectful in every sense of the word. He is available to answer any questions that are asked and is happy to help others. Cam has a calm and welcoming presence and provides a great example of leadership.


Cam ensures project deadlines are always on time and also makes sure other projects remain on track. His attention to detail results in the highest quality project. When last-minute coordination items or other tasks are given to him, the project team can feel confident that the items will be incorporated into an upcoming submission. He is always on time for meetings and site visits, which only adds to the “Respectful” part of the 3 R’s.


Cam’s resourcefulness seems limitless. When questions are asked, he can often answer off the top of his head. In the instances where he cannot answer, there is never a doubt that he will investigate and find the answer. If there is a problem before, during, or after construction, he can assist in a timely and effective manner. He can identify items in the field or on project documents within his own trade, as well as understanding the needs of other trades. His understanding of the other trades also makes him a valuable resource for others.


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